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Carl Baratta

Solo/ 2 Person Shows
Image Machine, Roger Brown Study Collection, Chicago IL 2012 | Sweet Water, Lloyd Dobler, Chicago IL, 2012 | Once a Dream, Did Weave A Shade, Carl Baratta & Isak Applin Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, February 2009 | Light Up and Be Wonderful!, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL October 2008 | Choke the River with Stone Fingers, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, April 2008 | Culture Mutt, with Carl Baratta & Tsherin Sherpa Green Lantern, Chicago, IL April, 2007 | No Coast, No Sea, with Carl Baratta & Iva Gueorguieva Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, January 2007 | Hurt To Death, Contemporary Art Work Shop, Chicago, IL, May 2006 | Pulling Rabbits Out of Hats, J2 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, November 2005 | 5 Solo Shows, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, September 2005

Group Shows
AfterImage, DePaul Art Museum, Center of Books & Paper Arts, John Flaxman Library, Chicago IL 2012 | A Sinking Sense of Wonder, New York City, NY | The Italian Pavilon at the Venice Bienale, Venice Italy | A Sense of Place, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Chicago, IL | In Search Of… Rhodes College, Memphis TN, | Where MY Cones At? Double Break Exhibitions, San Diego CA | 6/6/6: Six Artists, Six Cities, Six Connections, San Francisco, CA, Sante Fe, NM, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Portland, ME | West, Wester, Westest 2, Fecalface, San Fransisco, CA | LandEscape, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL | A Healthy Skepticism, Swimming Pool Projects, Chicago, IL | Chicago 7, Darke Gallery, Houston, TX | Ox-Bow Centennial Exhibition, Grand Rapids Art Museum, MI, 2010 | Painter’s Paintings, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, 2010 | Summer Group Show, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, 2009 | Big Youth, Corbett Vs. Dempsey, Chicago, IL July 2009 | Ah........ Decadence!, Sullivan Gallery, SAIC, Chicago IL September 2008 | 3 Landscapes in The Modern Style, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, 2008 | When Worlds Collide, Los Angeles, CA November, 2007 | The Discontented Pendulum G2 Gallery, Chicago, IL June 2007 | Team Hug, Lump Gallery Raleigh, NC December 2007 | When Worlds Collide, Contemporary Art Work Shop, Chicago, IL, February 2006 Contemporary Art Work Shop, Chicago, IL, May 2006 | Explore your World, Roots and Culture Gallery, Chicago Il November 2006 | Hard Copy, MORPHO Gallery, Chicago IL October, 2006 | The Seismologists, Sara Nightengale Gallery, Water Mill, NY, October 2005 | Fall Group Show, G2 Gallery, Chicago, IL, August 2005 | Representations, Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL, June 2005 | Thing I Said I’d Never Do Again, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, May 2005 | Graduate MFA Show, Art Institute of Chicago, G2 Gallery, Chicago, IL, April 2005 | Drawn to Drawing, Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, IL, October 2004 | Group Portraits Show, Highland Art Works Gallery, Portland, ME, February, 2003 | 2nd Annual Northern Liberties Local Artists Group Show Philadelphia, PA, Jan., 2003 | Temple University Alumni Show, Philadelphia, PA, February, 2002 | 1st Annual Northern Liberties Local Artists Group Show Philadelphia, PA, March 2001

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